Taking a frogging safari

At first thought it may seem odd, but when my husband asked me to be quiet and listen to the sounds of the night, I realised that frogs do not all croak!  Frogs whistle, beep and some even sing to a wonderful tune! Frogs were never on my list of what to see and/or find on a wildlife safari, but after listening to their music and yes there are those frogs that croak, I wanted to know which frogs made those sounds.

And so began my interest of frogs!  Pieter started showing me the beautiful frogs – what? Did I just type beautiful frogs? Yes, some of the frogs are beautiful and he was kind enough to show me the cute, little, pretty frogs first!  In time I have come across toads which fit the profile of ugly, but most frogs have the most amazing colours, from natural colours to bright and to a degree strikingly colourful!

A frogging safari is great fun, it has is a sense of adventure as all the action happens at night, of course a game reserve lends itself to other sights too, so searching for frogs and finding other nocturnal animals en route make the frogging adventure all the more exciting…

So, if you would like to partake in such an adventure to explore some of these most unusual creatures, a frogging safari would be incorporated into one of the afternoon game drives conducted by Alwyn from Amakhosi Lodge in Zululand who will provide:
  • gumboots for each guest
  • a headlamp for each guest
  • all guests look for frogs, catch, identify and release them
This is best in their rainy season so generally from mid November to the end of March