Month: September 2017

Green Passport

Green Passport

The United Nations Environment Programme has put the Green Passport together and South Africa Safari would like to support this programme and as such we have used their guidelines to assist travellers to our African Continent:

Going on a holiday to Africa may be for pleasure, incorporated in a business trip, to discover new horizons, to relax, to meet people and to learn about different cultures.

The choices you make of where you go on your African Holiday impact the destination and people who live there.  The aim of the Green Passport is to advise you of the things you can do to help make tourism a sustainable activity that respects the environment and aids the economic and social development of the communities that will host you in Africa.

Please refer to the Green Passport on all your travels at



The very word Africa conjures up images of  an exciting destination with zebra; lions; jungles and grasslands, or perhaps famine or wars?  This may represent a little of this great continent, yet there has been no writer who is able to give a concise description of Africa. Referred in parts as, “the continent made up of third world countries and wild animals”, is a rather naïve approach.

We live on the Southern Tip of Africa and our country is so large and diverse it takes pages to describe this portion alone.  Africa still comprises large wilderness areas, protected wildlife parks and thousands of game reserves, it too is developing and humans of all races have also made their mark.

I hope to help you with information about the parts of Africa I’ve been and seen The people, animals, habitats and skies that make it a non-descript place of awe.

To experience Africa, would be to take a safari or that African vacation! Most will reward your every sense, with safe and comfortable accommodations offering the best service whilst allowing you an intimate sample of what makes Africa such a wonderful place to explore, others will disappoint you.

However, you can also catch a glimpse of Africa when you travel for business. I challenge you to ask the driver, the doorman, the waiter about themselves, what language they speak, or tribe they’re from. Ask where home is and what it’s like there.  I speak not of the hostile countries and yet there are some places in hostile countries that are safe, if you are going there on business anyway, you have already made up your mind!

Some African destinations are steeped in history and creativity, others not – so ask and your night at a hotel could end up being a very pleasant evening out in Africa!